Walker Mowers

Walker Mowers UK are the official distributors of Walker Mowers in the United Kingdom, we can be found at www.walkermowers.co.uk  or search for us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also book a no obligation demonstration by following the link on the website or by calling the office on 01482 534472.

Walker Mowers are manufactured to exacting standards in Fort Collins, Colorado. A recent two-year study of professional mowers using popular competitive machines against four different Walker models has been undertaken in the US. In total 18 competitive machines were used across four separate properties that represented the diversity of daily commercial mowing. The results concluded that when using seven different criteria that the highest ground speed does not mean higher productivity, which is contrary to popular thinking. The study showed that using a Walker Mower can provide average typical savings of 20%-25%. You can view this for yourself at www.thewalkeradvantage.com


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