Professional Garden Consultants Association

The Professional Garden Consultants Association (PGCA) is a unique organisation, with over fifty recognised experts combining to form a network of expertise, whilst at the same time retaining their complete independence.

There are many and varied specialist talents available from these highly skilled individuals, and now, and for the first time, these Independent Professional Garden Consultants are available simply by deciding which type of service or advice you require.

Everything from Site Evaluations, Staff Training, Dispute Resolution, Ecology Reports, Planning & Development, Design and Construction etc is available.

Membership is highly meritorious, with everyone having at least ten years of practical experience, and holding a number of relevant qualifications and certificates in their chosen field.

Members do not pay any referral commissions or fees over and above their Annual subscription. They offer their services at rates agreed and contracted between the client and the consultant. This is an important part of the relationship between the PGCA and individual Members (MPGCA). The Association does not favour any one Consultant above another, nor receive any incentives, financial or otherwise from either Client or Consultant.

Members are to be found on the Register at or for further information about the PGCA , please email [email protected]

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