Lubbe Lisse

Lubbe & Sons (Bulbs) Ltd is a leading company in the landscape industry. Founded over 100 years ago, after our great grandfather bred the famous Narcissus variety “Actaea”. 

Today, we specialise in enhancing the public open spaces, by supplying flower bulbs and perennials. This also has a positive effect on increasing the biodiversity, which today is highly valued.

Over the past 20 years, we have been planting millions of bulbs under grass with our bulb-planting machine.  It is a very effective way of planting, which we can tell you everything about when you visit us on our stand …

Of course, we can supply you with loose bulbs too, when you need to plant up your flowerbeds in autumn.

Today we hear many comments from our customers, that money is “tight” now. However, there is a solution to expensive bedding areas, by the use perennial plants.  This is becoming more popular than ever. We have a number of varieties in our nursery, that, when used correctly will provide you with excellent colour and ground cover throughout the season. Again, we will be happy to explain this further when you visit our stand….


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