Ionic Systems

For 25 years Ionic Systems Ltd has been producing environmentally friendly window and façade cleaning solutions that use ultra-pure water instead of chemicals. Ionic’s cleaning machines transformed the industry by replacing the ladder with a super safe system of work. 
The system that Ionic developed is particularly effective in dealing with algae infestations found on a range of surfaces. We were encouraged to develop this aspect further for two reasons. Firstly, a trend from America establishing itself in the UK whereby contractors use a combination of Bleach and Sodium Hypochlorite to deal with algae infestations on building facades. And secondly farmers we encountered at solar panel parks encouraging us to consider more general weed killing because environmentally friendly alternatives to the use of Glyphosate are being sort.
It is widely understood that the thermal shock sustained when close to boiling water is applied to broad leaf weeds and grasses is sufficient to kill them. However, when the super-heated water used is ultra-pure zero TDS water then a de-mineralising impact is unleashed that augments the thermal shock effect. You see, pure water always strives to return to its former impure state, applied to weeds that are instantly weakened by the thermal shock effect they are then forced to give up minerals they need to sustain their existence. Further, nutrients in the ground are diluted and flushed away from the root system.
In short, the impact of super-heated purified water, insulated by bio-degradable foam is a devastatingly effective environmentally glyphosate free weed killing solution.
At the Horticulture Week's Parks & Gardens Live show we’d be pleased if you’d stop by and allow us to tell you more about how we achieve dramatic weed killing results in a user friendly, energy efficient, sustainable and compact package.


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