How to Enter

The Custodian Awards are open to entries from gardens, parks and tree management teams, contractors and their partners.

These awards celebrate the best of parks, gardens, grounds and tree management, giving in-house gardeners, contractors and green space managers the chance to showcase their achievements, reward team efforts and highlight to stakeholders the vital role they play.

Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others and may enter any number of categories. 

Rules for entering

  • Please carefully check the detailed criteria before composing your entries.
  • Entries and support material must be submitted online. We advise you familiarise yourself with the entry system before making your submission. 
  • Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others and may enter any number of categories. 
  • Select the category/ies you would like to enter and submit your written submission and support materials. 
  • Every third entry will be free to submit. 
  • The maximum file size is 50MB per entry inclusive of all documentation. 
  • Please refer to each category for the specific information required, taking note of what the judges will be looking for. 


When entering your submission, the online entry system will ask you to submit:

Awards entry summary (up to 200 words)
  • This should be an overview of the entry – this will be used for promotional purposes if you are shortlisted. We therefore request that you don’t include any confidential information within this.

Main written submission (minimum 500 words, up to 1200 words)
  • This is the basis on which you will be judged. This entry should show how you meet all of the criteria in your chosen category. The main submission will need to be inputted directly into the online system. You can type this directly into the system or can copy text from another document, but please ensure the document has no formatting, bullet points or pictures as these won’t appear in the system. 

Supporting materials (minimum two photos)
  • Please upload at least two images to support your entry. The images need to be a colour JPEG or PDF (minimum of 300 dpi) and must illustrate your entry. You may upload up to a maximum of 5 images. 
  • You may upload any additional support material that relate to your entry (e.g. links to videos, testimonials, financial information, etc)


The awards will recognise work that was carried out or completed during the two year period from 1 March 2017 until 1 March 2019. Please note that if you are entering the same piece of work as last year, you will need to be able to show new results and improvements since your submission last year.

The organisers reserve the right to retain entries and images for subsequent publication. Descriptions of submissions from winners and runners-up will be published in connection with the awards. Entrants may mark certain sensitive parts of their entry ‘Confidential’ or not for publication. This will be respected. 

Entry fee and deadline

Entry deadline: Thursday 14 March 2019 
Entry fee: £85+ VAT per entry

Enter twice and get the third entry free

Download the entry kit

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