University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is situated within the historic city of the same name, what was once the capitol of the kingdom of Wessex. Covering approximately 13 hectares (32 acres) in total, the University is comprised of three campuses; two of which consist of academic facilities and student accommodation, with the third being a sports stadium with some teaching provision. Approximately 7,500 students attend in addition to staff. 
The dedicated Grounds team consists of three full-time and two part-time members who carry out all of the horticultural operations across the University’s outdoor space, offering stakeholders and general public a peaceful, eye-catching, and functional environment in which to visit and work. 
Respect for the Environment is part of the University’s ‘Strategic Plan’ and within this strategy is a commitment to improve the biodiversity of the site, which feeds into the way some areas of the grounds are left ‘unmanaged’ alongside tended parts, creating a functioning compromise in terms of landscape and wildlife.
Continual building renovation and development promotes the opportunity to do likewise within the grounds, with ongoing improvement with landscaping and planting projects taking into account the biodiversity strategy, ease of maintenance, and sustainability.

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