The Restoration of Saltram Gardens

National Trust


Saltram is a 25 Acre historic garden on the edge of Plymouth. It is a rare thing in The National Trust, a garden that is predominantly visited by locals. We are seeing dramatic increases in visitor numbers:
-  65,309 visitors in 2013/14
- 199,630 visitors in 2017/18.
We are three and a half years into a restoration, and now the emphasis is moving from major interventions (tree work, drains, major excavations, massive soil improvement programmes and planting) to a focus on refining the horticultural offer, the set-piece displays in the various formal beds, and careful presentation of the informal areas.
We have combined a proactive approach to the horticultural and access work we know needs doing with a thorough research-based approach to master-planning. The gardens are composed of areas laid out at different times, with different aesthetics, and we have different management policies for each area. As a result the gardens have moved from being homogenous to being incredibly varied and interesting, not just for the history buff but, more importantly, for the people of Plymouth who visit in increasingly large numbers all year round. We offer a sanctuary from the urban and industrial scene.

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