Public Health Funding in Sheffield's Parks and Countryside

Sheffield City Council


Sheffield City Council’s Parks and Countryside Service has been awarded £1.2m Public Health funding, £400,000 allocated each year from 2018 – 2020. The aim of the funding is to deliver improvements to parks and open spaces that will increase health and wellbeing outcomes for people in areas of Sheffield that have higher indices of deprivation and health inequality. The design process considers interventions that will increase community usage and involvement in sites. Community ownership of the site will help to reduce maintenance liabilities which will enable us to enhance the sustainability of the sites into the future. Using this funding the council have made significant improvements to 11 parks and is developing projects with the second year funding allocation. 
The funding was committed because the council recognise the social value that parks provide, and the wealth of evidence that shows the preventative value of having good quality urban greenspaces on your door step to benefit health and wellbeing.
The council have embarked on an ambitious programme of improvements which are already having a very real impact on both the quality and the health and wellbeing value of parks. Local community involvement has been critical to the success of park projects.

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