Priory Park

Dudley MBC


Priory Park is Dudley’s premier historic park, holding a range of designations. All of Priory Park has been designated as a Grade II Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest. The mosaic of different features culminates in a small site that is full of character and interest. 
The parks heritage dates back to the 12th century, however it’s importance as a place of learning, community, recreation, sport and celebration is communicated in 21st century ways. Thanks to phone Apps and social media people are more aware than ever of the significance of their local park and opportunities to engage with it. 
The park demonstrates excellence through exemplary Green Flag award scores and feedback:
- “The park is very welcoming, safe and secure - very well maintained and clean”
- “The park has a lot of biodiversity and heritage for such a compact site”
- “The council officers are very experienced and have a good knowledge of the park and services”
- “The council has recognised the leading role their parks and open spaces play in enriching their communities lives, they are committed to ensuring the management of these facilities by the bringing together partners and implementing their management plans” 
– Green Flag Award Judges 2018

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