Portmeirion Tree Trail

Portmeirion Ltd


The Portmeirion Tree Trail has been developed to celebrate the impressive collection of trees and plants at Portmeirion. The Tree Trail is a series of three coloured routes designed to enable visitors to discover over 80 trees in the Portmeirion woodlands including 57 Champion Trees. This unique trail takes visitors around the village of Portmeirion highlighting the wonderful vistas and the vast collection of native and exotic trees and plants.
The Portmeirion Tree Trail was developed to showcase the impressive collection of trees in the 70-acre sub-tropical woodlands, to highlight the diverse ornamental trees that call Portmeirion home, and to encourage visitors to this popular tourist attraction to explore the woodlands. The Tree Trail serves to enhance the visitor experience while providing an invaluable educational resource.
A special Tree Trail Guidebook has been developed as an educational tool providing information and historical context behind the development of the fine collection of trees and shrubs around Portmeirion village and surrounding woodlands.

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