Nene Park Trust

Nene Park is a 697-hectare park that serves the city of Peterborough. The park is a legacy of the vision of the original Peterborough New Town Commission and was established under the 1971 Greater Peterborough Masterplan.
The vision was then - as it is now in 2017 - to have a fabulous and beautiful parkland serving the community of Peterborough, shaping the sustainable growth of the city, delivering green infrastructure and promoting the city region as an international destination.
The Nene Park Masterplan sets out a spatial vision of how Nene Park will develop over the next 30 years. It has been prepared to provide the Nene Park Trust (NPT), the charity that runs and manages the park, and all of its city and region stakeholders with a clear view as to how Nene Park may be developed and managed over the long term. It is an assertive masterplan for a Park that wants to shape the debate on how the city and community it serves should plan open space provision for the long term, fully within the spirit, philosophy and vision of the New Town movement that created it. 
The masterplan has adopted a 30-year horizon until 2045 to:
•  Ensure there is harmony and synergy between the plans for Nene Park and those for the city and region of Peterborough in respect of green infrastructure provision, new and strategic open space planning for new 'townships' and for a compelling natural parkland at the heart of the city.
•  Enable the Trust to act as a champion for Peterborough and engage with the wider constituency of agencies that strive to positively promote the Peterborough region.
•  Improve the responsiveness of the trust to the increasing community diversity (ethnicity, income and age) of the region and deliver on its core
A 30-year horizon for the masterplan will shape the spatial development of Peterborough and provide an enduring legacy to the original new town vision to have a park at the centre of the community. 
This initiative keeps Nene Park at the centre of the debate, and ensures that it will be able to serve its community for many generations to come. 
Specific proposals within the masterplan will see the Trust develop some national and international attractions within the park over its lifetime involving major investment and significant audience development potential.

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