London Borough of Croydon Natural Capital Account

Jon Sheaff and Associates


This project has developed a natural capital account for the London Borough of Croydon, supporting a strategic approach to the management of health outcomes delivered by the council’s green infrastructure assets. 
The strategy assesses the quality of the borough’s 128 green spaces against PPG17 and Green Flag criteria. This data is presented in a variety of mapped formats showing the level and quality of green infrastructure provision across Croydon. In parallel, fieldwork will assess the quality of the borough’s habitats to provide a baseline capital asset register. This will be combined with different datasets around health, property and recreational value and environmental outcomes. In combination, these provide a natural capital account that demonstrates the value of benefits accruing from green infrastructure assets as compared with the cost of sustaining these benefits. 
In parallel, the study will gather GP data on four disease groups most significantly impacted upon by engagement with the natural environment – cardio-vascular disease, Type II diabetes, childhood obesity and clinical depression. The study uses this data to identify health deprivation ‘hotspots’ and cross-references these with data on green infrastructure quality to identify ways in which resources can be used to provide the greatest range of benefits across Croydon.

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