Hampton Court Palace gardens and estate

Historic Royal Palaces


Historic Royal Palace’s Gardens and Estates team manage the designed formal gardens around Hampton Court Palace, which are part of this scheduled ancient monument, and Home Park, a natural landscape with Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status. The team are exemplars in adopting horticultural and environmental best practice to conserve this historic landscape. Coupled with best practice is an exceptional commitment to delight and engage with their many visitors. Examples of this engagement are seen in an increasing number of garden-related events, tours, managers that encourage gardeners to interact with visitors and ever-improving garden interpretation. Upskilling the gardens and estates staff of 47 is a strong management commitment. All garden’s staff have access to a wide range of external and internal training and development opportunities, which go far beyond the statutory minimum. This training contributes to refining horticultural best practice and enhancing visitor engagement and garden promotional activities, such as blogging. The Gardens and Estates teams many stakeholders - including visitors, HRP members, site neighbours, other HRP teams, visiting fellow professional gardeners and relevant public organisations, such as Historic England and Natural England - are consulted or informed about any initiatives to conserve, improve and develop this exceptional garden and estate.

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