Bournemouth Parks Tree Service

Bournemouth Borough Council


Bournemouth, perhaps more than any other town, owes its inception and development to its trees.
The above quote is only one of many alluding to the treed landscape that is Bournemouth’s landscape history. Although rightly famous for its Pines that helped to grow the town as a health resort its tree cover included many species and boasts some veteran Oaks and Sweet Chestnut that hint at its arboreal history.
As a Council, Bournemouth not only take immense pride in the care of the existing tree stock but are committed to enhancing and increasing tree cover within the Borough. Delivering these objectives are Bournemouth Parks Arboricultural & Woodland Team. A team of specialists, they undertake all aspects of management, care and protection of the Councils tree stock. They have worked hard to increase the status and understanding of these trees among other departments and the public.
The team are constantly reviewing what they do and combine tried and tested practice with the latest information and developments in their stewardship of Bournemouth’s trees. More recently, they have introduced more commercial practices, such as tree-risk surveys, to generate income and further support their important work.

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