Bournemouth Parks Foundation

Bournemouth Parks Foundation (BPF) is an independent charity devoted to enhancing Bournemouth's parks and green spaces through community programmes, fundraising, raising awareness and developing strategies for parks in the 21st century. We work alongside our local authority to help raise the much-needed funds for improvements and enhancements beyond those the council can provide. Our mission is to create inspirational parks that improve people's health and wellbeing, reconnect people with nature, bring diverse communities together and create a vibrant sustainable economy. 
We were founded in 2015 through NESTA’s Rethinking Parks Programme funded by the National Lottery Fund. The Rethinking Parks programme pioneered innovations that focused on testing new business models that would enable our parks to thrive for the next century. Our Foundation model received national recognition and, as such in the Rethinking Parks II programme other local authorities were asked to bid to replicate our model throughout the UK.
The BPF have demonstrated that through investment in innovative business models we can enhance parks, raise funds, engage communities and make parks the backdrop for civic life, making Bournemouth a great place to live, work and play.

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