Aberfeldy New Village

Levitt Bernstein


The transformation of the Aberfeldy Estate, set within a tight urban context in east London, provides new homes amongst a structure of new green spaces and a sustainable drainage strategy.
A new linear park sits at the heart of the neighbourhood, with open lawns and varied play spaces, lined with clear-stem trees and seasonal planting. The park is a key part of the sustainable drainage system and biodiversity strategy, developed with advice from the London Wildlife Trust to ensure habitat and plant species complexity. Softworks palettes include plants for pollinators, biodiverse roof treatments and a structure of trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. Diverse habitats have been created on site which previously supported very little plant life. 
A meadow-planted swale runs the entire length of the park to provides attenuation for surface water run-off. The park forms a green channel fulfilling a variety of functions for the community: play provision for children up to 12 years old is offered in nodes with varying character; private and semi-private courtyards hang off the park and the green space provides doorstep amenity for all residents. This area has become well-used by locals, providing a pleasant alternative to the busy A-road adjacent to the site.

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